We do the full range of strategic marketing, from vision and strategy development through execution and results measurement. We use the Apollo Method for Market Dominance as a framework for our thinking, implementation and deliverables. Here are some specific examples of common projects. See our portfolio for additional examples. Please contact us at inquiry@linagroup.com about your particular needs.

We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work. If for any reason you aren't delighted, we keep going until you are.

Quick Pitch Overhaul

In 30 minutes, we'll work with you to overhaul your elevator pitch using the Why/What/How™ framework taught in "PItching and Presenting: How to Make Your Story Compelling." You'll come away with a much more provocative, clear pitch and feedback on what you can do to further refine it.

30-minute interactive session by phone; $300.

Market Dominance Audit

Obtain an objective analysis of whether you are conveying distinct differentiation through the eyes of the market place and what you can do to improve. 

Typical arrangement: 2-5 days, flat fee, executive briefing.

Vision Development

Quickly create an end-game vision of what your company, operating unit or business solution will mean in the market place and how that will spell success for your stakeholders. As a starting point, do this based on what you already know, and let the initial vision become a living document that you update as you learn more over time. 

Typical arrangement: 2-4 weeks, flat fee, executive deck deliverable and project presentation.

Positioning, Messaging, and Core Communications Elements

Determine how to uniquely position your company or offering in a crowded market and articulate that in concise language that immediately conveys your unique selling proposition. Also develop elevator statement, messaging and boilerplate material that clearly differentiates you from competitive alternatives and can be used in market-facing materials for consistency. 

Typical arrangement: 2-4 weeks, flat fee, Positioning Package deliverable and project presentation.

Quick Hit Growth Strategy

Avoid analysis by paralysis or plans that sit on a shelf by quickly developing a pragmatic, executive-level strategic plan based on available information that can become a living guideline for driving operating plans and communicating the game plan with the rest of the organization. 

Typical arrangement: 2-8 weeks, flat fee, executive presentation deck and project presentation.

Investor/Stakeholder Presentation

Whether a startup seeking investment or a new business unit requiring funding and/or resources, create an investor presentation that effectively tells your story and conveys a compelling revenue and profit opportunity.  

Typical arrangement: 1-3 weeks, flat fee, investor presentation deck and project presentation.

Quick Hit Market Assessment

Far too many companies jump right into business solution marketing without really understanding what will resonate with customers. When done right, outcomes of the market assessment will significantly shortcut the offering rollout process while increasing the odds of market success. 

Typical arrangement: 2-8 weeks, weekly fee, Market Assessment briefing document and presentation of findings.

Business Solution Definition

If you have commoditized products or services but want to differentiate and sell higher into the organization, you need to bring them together in a way that solves a common, critical market problem. Create a conceptual design of the offering that resonates with your salesforce and the customers they'll be approaching. 

Typical arrangement: 2-4 weeks, flat fee, Solution Overview deck and project presentation.

Sales Toolkit Development

Develop a package of materials that help your salesforce understand your business solution in order to consistently and effectively present it to customers. 

Typical arrangement: 4-8 weeks, weekly fee, Sales Toolkit and project presentation or salesforce briefing.

Enterprise Solution Sales Presentation Development

Most enterprise business solution sales presentations fall on deaf ears, because, well let's face it, they're boring. They don't tell a provocative story, engage senior executives, or speak to their business needs. Most sales presentations also fail to help the audience really visualize what the offering does and what makes it unique. Create an engaging presentation your sales teams can deliver with conviction and pride.

Typical arrangement: 1-4 weeks, flat fee, executive-level sales deck with speaker notes.

Sales Presentation Delivery Coaching

Help your salesforce more effectively deliver the sales materials you have developed by coaching them on how to tell the story, reel the audience in, and bring the solution and value proposition alive. 

Typical arrangement: 1-4 hours per session, flat fee per person, coaching and practice.