This topic is available in a variety of formats, ranging from a 45-minute overview presentation to 90-minute and multi-day workshops in which we interactively work to improve participant pitches.

Tailored editions of this are also available for students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and non-profits.

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Pitching and Presenting:
How to Make Your Story Compelling

Executive Edition

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Why are some sales and marketing pitches wildly interesting and effective, while so many others are downright dreadful? How do great ones grab the audience and keep it engaged? The answer is surprising and simple: It usually boils down to how the content is structured. Originally developed and presented at Stanford University, this session will provide you with a very simple but profoundly different storytelling framework that will hold your audience captive, whether you’re pitching ideas, products, your company, or yourself. It applies to presentations, conversations, collateral, social media and any other venue. Feel free to arrive with a pitch in mind that you’d like to work on. You’ll find out how to structure your message, make it irresistible, and WOW your audience with visuals. Apply these principles and tips to pitches of any length to any audience.