The following topics are available in various formats: a presentation of any length, an interactive workshop, or a facilitated, on-site working session to give your team a jumpstart on a specific project or issue. We also develop custom training to give your entire team or company a common approach to strategic marketing and sales support.

Pitching, Silicon-Valley Style: How to Have Your Audience Begging for More

Originally developed and presented at Stanford University, this popular session provides a very simple but profoundly different storytelling framework for holding your audience captive.


How to Dominate Your Market as the Go-To: Four Steps to Higher Margins and Sustainable Growth

Learn the four pillars of sustainable differentiation that will help you attract higher-margin business and position your company for long-term growth.


How to Think Like a Marketer

In today’s environment, everyone in the company needs to be able to think like a marketer, yet few understand what that means or how to do it.


Streamlined Strategic Planning for Business Line Leaders

Learn a practical approach for quickly developing a vision and strategy for profitable growth.

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How to Be Better at Networking and Actually ENJOY It!

You can't get your job done without a strong network. Many of us know how to collect contacts, but the real value comes from knowing how to leverage them. This session provides a new way of thinking about, building and using your network to achieve goals.


Strategic Networking: Make Your Most Useful Contacts with the Least Effort

Powerful networking is not a game of quantity but quality. Learn strategies and shortcuts for meeting the handful of people who will put your company on the map and help you personally succeed.